Back to racing!!

Magog Olympic distance national Championship:

At the end of this season I will be racing Muskoka 70.3. This will be my first 70.3 race so I decided to race Magog Olympic distance national Championship instead of the Elite race to prepare myself specifically for this event. I wanted to experience biking by myself instead of in a pack like I am used to in ITU triathlons. Also, after my crash at Ixtapa Pan Am Cup where I broke my scaphoid bone in my hand I didn’t feel completely ready to race again in a ITU race; I wanted to give me time to get back to racing and try some longer races.

I had a good swim and started the bike with a lead of roughly 2 minutes. The bike was really hard with all the hills and I had difficulty to pace myself. I went too fast at the beginning of the bike and lost a lot of time in the second half of the bike. My run was ok and I finished 2nd.

I learned a lot of things from this race, especially how to pace myself on the bike and that experience is gonna really useful for Muskoka’s 70.3. I will probably buy a power meter on a crank so that I can know exactly what power I am putting instead of going by feel.

course magog 2                                course magog


Défi Boréal 20 km race:

I also raced a 20 km run race to prepare myself to run a half marathon at Muskoka’s 70.3. The course was hilly and part of the course was in trails. I stayed at roughly 20 seconds from the leader during most of the race but couldn’t get to François Jarry who was running really well. He finished really strong and I finished in 2nd place at roughly 1 minute behind the winner in a time of 1:14:04.

It was a good experience and a really fun race, even though I seem to suffer on every pictures!

Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography



Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography                      Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography

Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography                      Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography

Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography                      Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography

Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography      défi boréal 9

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