Holy Moly Guacamole!!

This is what I thought about 3 weeks ago when I crashed at Ixtapa Pan Amercian Cup.

This is how it happened: I exited the water at the front with a lot of Mexicans really close. I went in front hard at the first hill on the bike to test my legs and see if someone wanted to breakaway. I tried again a few times, but they always responded and there were a few other attacks from other people but the pack always responded. The pack was riding pretty slowly, but there were a lot of changes of speed.

At roughly 13 km there was a downhill and I was in front to not be in danger if there was a crash but someone hit my back wheel, really hard. My quick release bended and my back wheel pop out of the frame so there was no way to brake or control my bike. I went over my bike and crashed hard on my left side.

blessure ixtapa

I was really disappointed because my fitness was good and I knew I could have had a good result. Also, the end of my previous season was bad because I crashed at the World Cup in Edmonton and DNF at the Pan American Cup in Puerto Rico so I was really hoping to have a good result.

Here’s a little video of my training before the race and of the race:

The week-end after I raced in Dallas for the Pan American Championships. Even though I only swam twice and rode my bike once before the race, I still felt I could have a good race. However my hand was hurting during the swim and even more on the bike. Also I realized that my wheel was slowing me down; I found out after that even though I got a spoke repaired there was still another problem with my wheel. So, I changed wheel at the wheel stop but I got lapped just after.

start dallas

After the race my mom, who is a doctor, realized that I probably had a scaphoid fracture in my hand and have to wear a cast for a couple of weeks. After an X-Ray and a scan, the diagnostic was confirmed so I still have to wear a cast for another 3 weeks (a total of 6 weeks).

However, after both races I traveled with my family to Las Vegas, hiked in the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon and did some mountain biking and rafting in Utah and it was really fun. It was good to do something else for a while and not think too much about my injury. Here’s a little video I did:

selfie grand canyon biking grand canyon

Thanks for you support!

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