Swim, Bike, Run, Eat, Sleep and repeat… until you achieve your dreams

I’m back from 2 weeks in Florida where I trained and raced. I did one week of training before the ITU Sarasota Pan Am and the Real training camp began after the race.

photo relai sarasota sarasita start sarasota bike sarasota début bike sarasota départ sarasota relai IMG_0276 IMG_0283 IMG_0310 IMG_0308

I had a good swim and was 6th at the end of the 750 m of swim (and carnage). My T1 was great and I was 5th at the end of the bike and soon caught we the little group in front of me. However, my bike skills, confidence were really a limiting factor, because I was loosing a couple of meters at every corner and at to push really hard after every corner to catch back the group and I was dropped out of the first group after the first lap and rode alone for the second lap. I definitely made a tactical error there because I pushed way to hard riding alone so that when the second pack caught me I lost the pack in a corner and couldn’t catch back after. So I rode the last lap alone… Again! I ended the 20 km bike segment far back and ran ok. I was obviously disappointed because I knew that with the swim I had, I could have had a really good result. However, I learned a lot of things from this race and it is actually a confidence booster because I know I can swim with the best triathletes, so at least I have one third of a triathlon figured out! I just need to work on my bike skills!

The following day, we did a triathlon relay in team of 4 and it was a great experience!

Videos of the race / Vidéos de la course:

This is only the beginning of a long and fun season, so now it’s back to training in Quebec and school until the next race: Ixtapa Pan Am Cup! Can’t wait!

Thank you for your support /

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